Friday, September 10, 2010

If your feet ain't happy, ain't *none* of you happy....

The Portland Marathon is exactly one month from today.

I am well into my second full week of no running (including last weekend's long run and most likely this weekend's as well) because of significant pain in my left foot.

According to Dr. Internet, I am likely dealing with tendonitis or possibly a stress fracture, based on the symptoms. I'll be seeing a real doc this afternoon to hopefully get some answers.

If it's a stress fracture, then I am done running as of today, for probably (most of) the rest of this year.

If it's tendonitis, I might conceivably stand a chance to move forward with training and the marathon, but only if I'm extraordinarily careful (i.e. icing several times a day, tape and bandage compression and a bucketload of Motrin.) And it would probably mean walking most, if not the entire, marathon course.

And if it's something else entirely, then who knows!

What I do know now is I'm going to be hella pissed if I can't do this marathon.