Monday, April 19, 2010

A Letter (2nd in a series)

Dear Legs:

Oh, how I've enjoyed getting to know you again over the past year!

Back when I was tipping the scales with an embarrassingly high number and hadn't yet started running again, you were looking pretty poorly. (And feeling pretty poorly most of the time as well!)

It makes me a bit sad to think about the volume you were forced to carry around back then, but I wised up, started getting lighter and you started looking and feeling better.

I know you still hate me sometimes. You work like the troopers you are, yet when you start getting tight and tired and I haven't drunk enough water, you have no compunction about letting me know. It seems to help you out when I run on nice dirt trails - I can tell right away you dig those *a lot!* (Except you down there, more of that funny twisting and turning stuff, ok?) I promise to go running on trails as much as possible, especially now that summer is around the corner.

And just what can I say about you, my little bee's knees? You're the powerhouses here....everyone else on the block lives and dies by how you're feeling. When you're all cranky and pissy, there's not much running to be had - that's for sure! The stronger you are, the more everyone else - quads, calves and shins - feels like joining in. Although you tend to crackle a bit when I bend down, I know that with a little TLC and perhaps some glucosamine supplements, you'll be right as rain!

Finally - all those little peaks and curves and crevices you're getting now as the body fat recedes and the muscles get lots of attention - those are pretty darned swell, if I may say so myself! You can just keep right on going in that department!

So here's to ya, legs o' mine - may there be many more happy miles ahead - peaks and valleys and trails and all. We'll never win Boston and The Rockettes would laugh us out of the city, but wherever you want to take me is just fine - as long as we can run to get there!

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