Sunday, April 24, 2011

One Fine Saturday

It'a been a long time since we've had truly decent weather around here. Yesterday was absolutely stunning - clear sunny skies and mild breezes - the best kind for running!

So Jenn and I set out on the Fanno Creek Trail, feeling pretty fine and just enjoying the fact that we weren't cold, wet or both. The intent was to do about 12 miles or so, and it seemed like it was going to be a relative piece of cake - except that we hadn't counted on the fact that neither of us were accustomed to running in warmer weather and we both ended up deflating like a couple of pinholed balloons. Fortunately, we found water along the way so we were able to stay "juiced up" and that helped a lot.

The run was really great, but we should have started a lot earlier than we did, so we only ended up doing about 10 and a half. We retired to Shari's for a ginormous brunch,so all in all it ended up good. Next weekend I hope we have similar weather (although I'm not going to hold my breath) and I think we're definitely going to push for at least 14 miles.

Jenn's got a marathon coming up in mid-June so there's no time to waste!

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FruitFly said...

Mmm, Shari's sounds yummy! I ran in Portland on Saturday, too, and it sucked. I mean it was great to have nice weather, but I wasn't prepared. I didn't even think to use sunblock, and now I have rose-colored shoulders!
How nice to finally not freeze - but then this reminds me that I suck at running in heat. I guess we'll eventually get used to it again, right? Then it will be cold again?