Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Things Thursday

So, all my friends are doing it...I may as well jump on the wagon!
  1. Yes, I changed the blog layout once again. I'd never been very happy with any of the previous renditions, but this one's going to stick around...and with minimal tweaking of the template - love the colors, the background picture, the font, everything. Get used to it!
  2. Jenn and I did 4 miles this morning, and tonight I also did a yoga session. I thought I might be a little tired this evening, but I wasn't - in fact, I managed to twist myself at least halfway solidly into most of the poses, even the ones that have been really hard for me, such as Downward Facing Dog. After the session I felt incredible - I'd built up a dripping sweat - which I am coming to appreciate more and more over time - and the stretches felt so good. Even with just 5 sessions under my belt, I can already see an appreciable difference with how my hip flexors and my glutes feel after my runs, so I'm thinking yoga is definitely going to become a permanent part of my routine.
  3. Nicholas wants to sign up for the Kids Run Festival that is going down the day before the Portland Marathon. While we were looking at the web page together, one of the first questions out of his mouth was, "Will I get a medal?"  That's my boy - jonesin' for the bling!
Thus goes my very first Three Thing Thursday. Hope ya'll have a Fabulous Friday!

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