Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I really need new shoes. I can't afford them at the moment, but I am getting the same types of annoying little pains and aches that are common when the shoes are starting to wear out, so if I am going to keep training, they are going to quickly become non-negotiable. The thing about running is that relatively speaking, it's a cheap sport - but when you *do* have to buy equipment, it can really whack you in the knees. Especially if you like to do races, like I do. They add up fast!

2. The Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon is Saturday, and I am stoked! First of all, looks like the weather is going to be partly sunny and under 60 degrees for a high, which is ideal. Second of all, some of my favorite running peeps are all in too - Kim, Ronda, Jenn and Donna (Donna, you need to start a running blog!!)....  Fact is, every single one of them is much faster than me (except for Jenn, who is marginally faster than me, depending on the day and how we're both feeling, anyway...) so I will definitely be heading up the Rear Guard. Or the rear of the Rear Guard, one never knows. Jenn is shooting for a sub 3, but my goal is sub 3:15. I am a realist, after all.  In any case, I still think this is going to be a blast. Love running with people I know!

3. I am going to try and blog more and keep up with ya'll. I know I can think of stuff to write about if I just put a little more planning and time into it. And please feel free to "follow" me again, since I am no longer plagued with bloggy technical woe!  :-)

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Fruit Fly said...

2. I think you get to adjust that ... you and I seem to be the exact same pace! Yay! :)

I don't really like buying new shoes. It feels stressful to me. So I keep training in one pair and racing in the other --- just to maximize the life of my favorite race shoes! And I like cheap shoes. I mean if it is over $80 that frightens the heck out of me!