Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And then, there are the brick walls

....in this case, in the form of a hellacious cold - head AND chest.


I felt it coming on Friday afternoon. Saturday at the Heartbreaker Runs Race Expo, I was congested and tired, slightly achy. Sunday morning (race morning) - I didn't really feel worse, but I definitely did not feel better. It was cold, slight drizzly and we had an early start - 7:40am.

Still, I had a relatively decent run, considering it was uphill for the first mile and a half. Jenn stuck with me as I gasped and wheezed my way up that effing hill, nearly hacking up a lung every hundred feet or so. But then it was all downhill from there, and we came in at 43 and change. Obviously, nothing doing with my desired goal of 40 or less, but considering how I was feeling, I guess it wasn't bad.

Meanwhile, my old "running partner in crime" Donna took third in her age group for the 10K, and Ronda got herself a PR in the half. It was great to know at least a couple of us had a really terrific day on the road! I was wondering, though, if perhaps I should have DNS'd this race, because I think it might have made my cold worse. I did manage to make it through Monday at work but felt like total and utter crap the entire day.

And - presently I am camping on my couch, sniffling, sneezing (EPIC sneezes - the ones that are literally painful) and coughing. I had a midterm this morning, so that's pretty much all I showed up for on campus. I went back to my office after the exam and was very kindly ordered to go home by my boss. Who am I to argue when it's the boss telling me to clear out?  LOL!  In any case, I had been kind of thinking I'd leave early anyway. I highly doubt I'll be heading in tomorrow either.

Lest it really need to be said, I didn't hit the gym yesterday, or today. Definitely not going tomorrow. It is aggravating to think I'm not getting up on that treadmill and sweating it out, but I am pretty convinced my body is telling me that doing so would just not be a good idea.

In the spirit of self-disclosure, I have also been eating about as well as I feel. Crap. There's a piper to pay, I'm sure. Hopefully, this will only last another couple days and then I can get back in gear and get some serious business done.


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Sorry you are so sick! It would have been really hard to DNS with all your buddies there. I doubt racing made your illness worse. Get better soon!

Karen J. Brady said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. Being sick is no fun. But you are doing the smart thing, listening to your body, and taking required time off to get better so you can get back to it. Rest well...and you'll feel better in no time.