Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mid-Week Check-Up


After two days of working out + (very!!) mindful eating + journaling (exercise log AND food log) - I am already down 3.4 lbs. - !!  Water weight For The Win. The fat cells have been officially put on notice.

The eating has been a bit tough while my stomach and my brain figure out what's going on. Yesterday, I was so hungry in the afternoon I could've eaten shoe this morning, I upped the calories and protein for breakfast a bit to see if that helps. My goal is to keep it under 2,000 cals a day for now, with a more specific target of between 1500-1700 - I think this is perfectly reasonable. As the weight really starts going down, so will my calorie range, but that's another day, another post.

It takes a lovely 5am wake-up call to get to the gym. Including this morning's workout, I've logged a touch over 8 miles and sweated lots. And I'm not overly sore, which means that I'm not overdoing it. 8 miles doesn't actually sound like much, but since I've not been in a consistent, daily running habit for well over three months, easing back in seems like a grand idea. Bob and Jillian would scoff, I'm sure, but screw 'em - they aren't the ones who would have to gimp around the office all day long!!  ;-)

Sometime very soon I will be incorporating strength training into the routine, just as soon as I figure out how to make myself get out of bed a bit earlier. Next week, I think. Then I will be gimping around the office for a while, no doubt!

In more running news - this weekend is the 8th Annual Fanconi Anemia Run - my third year in a row!  I'm only doing the 5K distance this time, instead of the 12K - definitely erring on the side of caution. Thw following weekend, I've got the Heartbreaker 5K as well...yeah, yeah, another 5K. In any case, I've also signed on for the 15K distance for the Shamrock Run next month - which of course, includes the Killer Terwilliger Hill...not so sure I have erred enough on caution's side for that one, but we shall see.

Run fast but run wise, friends!  Onward!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Nicely done this week! Easing back into it is just plain smart.

Rhonda said...

You can do it Julie! You always do!

Fruit Fly said...

UGGGHHH.... let's not even talk about the non-stop hill of the Shamrock!

Good job starting out again. I bet you can get back into the swing again in no time at all!