Saturday, February 11, 2012


I scanned this picture tonight.

This was taken at about mile 8 or so of the Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon back at the end of October, where I managed my second-best-ever PR for a half - 2:57:10.

Obviously, I am not running fast. I am not anywhere near even the mid-pack.
Obviously, I am not at my goal weight - or anywhere near that either.

But, I love the look on my face.
I love the definition in my legs, in spite of the lack of definition elsewhere.

I loved this race, I really, really did.

So I am posting it.  ;-)


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Aw, I loved that race too. So much fun with you guys, before during and after. I see RR just barely in your picture too. Very cool.

Fruit Fly said...

That's a fabulous picture -- even if I am cropped out. ;) I love getting a great race photo when you like what you see. It is a great shot!!