Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oxygen optional

Went for my first run today in nearly a whole week, with sincere hopes of having gotten over this chest cold enough so that it wouldn't be a wholly miserable affair.

On deck was a supposedly easy 3 miles with the Runner Chicks to see if I might be interested in joining their half marathon training program.

The forecast was for wind and rain this morning, but when I woke up it was snowing off and on. Glorious! Jenn and I met up at 9am at Road Runner Sports, mingled with the other runners among the shoes and gear and clothes, and after a few moments of introductory remarks and instruction, off we went. It was chilly but dry until about a mile and three quarters in, when it started in with a heavy, sloppy mix of rain and snow that kept up all the way back to the store.

Throughout the first half of the run, I kept up with Jenn but felt as if my lungs were filled with cement. I needed to hack up crap really badly, but couldn't get enough air and cough hard enough to get it up. After a while I let Jenn go and finally managed to settle into a pace I could handle without constant walk breaks. I wish I had taken a picture of myself when I was done - I was so rockin' the "drowned rat" look - absolutely soaked to the bone.

It was a frustrating run overall, because 3 miles should be a piece of cake. But I talked myself through it and was reminded that recovery from illness is just that - recovery - and not a state of being at 100%, and that the body is only going to do what it is capable of doing at any given time. At least I was able to get out there and run in any case, so I shouldn't complain too much...

Not sure if I am going to join the training program. Jenn has already joined, but I wouldn't be able to make many, if any at all, of the Tuesday night training runs, and many of the weekend runs would be pre-empted by races I really want to do. Not sure if I want to pay 80 bucks for just a few group runs and a shirt.

In any case, in spite of the soggy weather and the challenged lungs, I had a nice time.

Next week, Ft. Vancouver 10K. I bought a box of Mucinex on the way home, and I'm hoping it can get my lungs cleared out by then.

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The CilleyGirl said...

We are total badasses for running in the snow and hail! I'm glad you were okay with me ditching you because I was feeling guilty :) But I'd been working through a wicked shin cramp for the first two miles and once it went away -- right about when it really started to rain -- I felt really good plus I just wanted to get *done*. I understand if you don't do the running group :) Hope the Mucinex is working!