Thursday, February 16, 2012

Movin' right along!

Survey says.............still going strong with Operation Get My Act Together!     ;-D
Diet dialed in pretty tight; journaling every single bite, getting my sleep-addled carcass to the gym at oh-stupid-thirty every morning. I even had a smattering of ice cream with half a brownie last night, and still came in well under 1700 calories for the day.

Down 6.6 pounds.

Mileage so far this week:

Sunday: 3.1m  (Fanconi Anemia 5K)
Monday: 2.85m
Tuesday: 2.29m (strength training day)
Wednesday: 3.55m
Today: 1.53m  (overslept and today was strength training day, so didn't have time for decent cardio. Barely broke a!!)

Tomorrow, I get to make up for today's lousy workout - I plan on making the treadmill my you-know-what.

And oh, speaking of strength training....I spent way too much time on both Tues and Thurs futzing around with the machines and not nearly enough of actually using them. One would think I've never used the stupid things before, but I still need a bit of reacclimation. That, and I really need to get up earlier.

Sunday is the Heartbreaker 5K...but I am seriously toying with the idea of upgrading to the 10K when I pick up my packet on Saturday. I can utilize my time-honored tradition of treating it as a "$35 training run with a shirt" rather than a race, as I tend to do with about 99% of my races. Someday, I will actually race, but this will not be that day, even if I stick with the 5K. If I do, I will, however, try to do at least as well as I did this past weekend...about 42 minutes.

But I won't'd be cool to come in under 40 minutes. 


The CilleyGirl said...

If you can get us halfway there, I'll get our asses over the finish line!

Taryn said...

Way to go with your strength training AND'll get stronger and stronger and soon you'll be running sub-40!!